Changing Sites

September 6, 2009

Dear listeners,

We are now changing sites to

Therefore, as of now their will be no more podcasts uploaded to this site

Sorry for any inconvenience this may have caused

Episode 3

September 6, 2009

Sorry we are a bit late in uploading this podcast!

If you have an comments please post them on this site or on our facebook page. Anyone who comments will recieve a secial 'fan pack' containing special out-takes any other fun bits.

Furthermore, our second ashes test will be up soon and if you haven't checked out the fist one yet, simply follw the link on the last post.

Thanks or listening


First Ashes Gaming Test

August 20, 2009

The fist Ashes Gaming Test has been completed and due to technical complications is no longer Mario Kart Wii, but it is Tekken 4. The video of this first test can be found here:

Podcast Number 2

August 2, 2009

Hi there guys, it's been about a week scince our last podcast and today we have a special guest with us, Josh Robinson.

On an aside note, we have completed the first leg of our ashes series, of which the game was mario kart wii, and the video will be posted shortly. If you wish to pick a game for us to play, or want to add your own game, pleas click on the "Ashes Gaming" link above.

Enjoy and please comment!


A blooper from the first podcast

July 20, 2009

A little cut scene blooper, for you to enjoy


Podcast Number 1

July 19, 2009

Random Pods first podcast, enjoy and comment.


Random Pods

July 17, 2009

Random Pods is a newly created podcast by Alex Williams and Max Dobson. Any comments, tips and replies to our podcast are largely welcome. Either post comments on this podbean website or email us ar

If you wish to comment on games for our "Random Podcast Gaming Ashes" then please visit the "Ashes Gaming" page on your right.